Rangers Football Club add Fever Thermal Screening…

The Ibrox Club have turned to their local IT Experts and Commercial Partner; Indigo Unified Communications 

To provide and install the fever thermal screening solution as a extra line of defence for Visitors, fans, players and staff, against the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Fever-detecting technology will check visitors’ body temperatures and anyone deemed to have an elevated temperature will not be permitted entry to Ibrox.

While the thermal screening device will not test for Covid-19, it will help minimise the risk of spread by identifying people with one of the most common symptoms of the virus, as well as other flu-like infection symptoms.

The club believe this innovative technology, which can scan up to 30 people at any one time, will help keep their fans, staff and visitors safe from threat of the deadly virus.

Craig Armstrong, Director; Indigo Unified Communications, “its a privilege to be able to support Rangers Football club and to help them protect themselves and the wider community.  The club have been working hard to ensure that everyone entering the Stadium is kept as safe as possible at all times”

Nicola and Craig Armstrong of Indigo Unified Communications, in partnership with Leisure Connect, have installed the device.